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Just Another Founder

Ignore Most of the Advice You Hear

I've been a startup guy for 3 years now. During that time, I've heard my fair share of startup advice. Often times, the advice will contradict each other, and the people giving the advice are always completely adamant about being right.

- Pivot vs don't pivot
- Raise just what you need vs raise as much as you can
- Focus on user growth vs focus on revenue
- Join an incubator vs bootstrap and get to a series A
- Be stealthy vs milking the PR
- Be mobile first vs be web first
- Kill it vs Crush it

The amount of contradictory advice you get can be mind-boggling and leave you paralyzed and more uncertain than when you began. My advice (yep, I realize the irony here) is to absorb everyone's advice and then ignore all of it. Take a step back, let people's thoughts sink in for a few days, and then formulate your own strategy based on everything that you've learned. The trick here is to learn as much as you possibly can, but don't form any opinions of your own until you're done with the information gathering process.

And yes, most of the advice you hear should be ignored because for the most part, people don't know what the fuck they're talking about, myself included. It's not that they're purposely trying to lead you astray, it's just that often, the obvious answer is the wrong answer. If it was obvious, everyone would be doing it and you wouldn't be asking the advice in the first place.

If you want real, no bullshit advice, here's mine. Don't fail. If you fail you lose, so don't do it. No one likes a failure, and if you're a guy, just think about all the girls who will stop sexing you if you fail, yep, your girlfriend or wife included. Now get back to work. :)